Why do we need contributors?

As we alone can’t make a huge difference as much as our unity does, we approach you for your help. From the native place or wherever you are within Nepal, you can help us. As our main motive is to teach basic contents, we will first be teaching Computer Architecture, slowly followed by practical topics like the internet and its prospects which might be an alternative for their living in future. Eventually, we will superficially inform them about fascinating upcoming technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. As, covid is still up there as a hazard and the academic final year examination is following up the students, so this year we have decided to hold the campaign only for three days in each school especially focusing on 8th standard students as 8th grade acts as the bridge between the choices to choose for students to decide which path to move on. As per the teaching materials, we will provide you the contents to teach. All you have to do is fill-up the form as soon as possible, and we will contact you. After that, we will provide you the proposal to ask for permission to teach in the schools near you. And BOOM !!! you are all set to start your journey towards contributing to society.

You and someone you know can make a meaningful impact. Meeting the children in your areas who have a bunch of struggling stories to share hidden behind their gloomy smiles, facing the reality of the painful life those children are living will move your heart. Sharing something that you know about, the heartwarming bond you create with those students will be one of the warm and thrilling experiences of your life. So, for sure don’t miss this contribution that you add to the betterment of someone’s life.

Spreading Digital Literacy in to the underprivilege kids in Nepal