What is AuraEd?

Nepal is a developing country that lacks resources for proper education and opportunities. The problems plaguing the educational system of Nepal are multidimensional like population explosion, lack of resources, no participation of the private sector, scarcity of qualified teachers, and many more. Education in Nepal was long based on homeschooling. Modern education in Nepal was modeled from the very inception of Indian education. As we leap into the modern era, computer-aided teaching is a modern technical teaching practice that is gradually replacing the traditional teaching practice. The use of computers and the internet is perhaps the most convenient method to teach and browse information and analyze its use. It can be used for the betterment of the learning and performance of students. Computers along with internet facilities are the most powerful device the children can use to learn skills and abilities.

The growing competition of schools compels students to engrave and enhance such facilities to attract students. Facilities are comparatively weak in public schools in Nepal as the public school depends on government funding. And also students in public school don’t have access to such facilities which keeps them from the world of computers and the internet.

In this organization “AuraEd”, we help such underprivileged students to learn about computers and their uses. As children living in poverty are facing many barriers to accessing education, we ensure all children receive primary and basic education about computers. We would like to reach every school and community, especially the most disadvantaged, and improve their access and make them participate in our program. We teach about basic computer uses and components of computers like the internet, computer architecture, AI, and blockchain. We mainly support government schools to provide equitable delivery of computers and their education. We make both students and teach and promote innovative teaching practice. We also help them overcome the challenges that affect brain development, emotional well-being, and many more. By helping them learn about the internet, we help them expose the places southside of the classroom. As we know basic knowledge as well as skills to operate computers also help them in getting better jobs and help them get out of poverty. We also help develop an equivalent framework from non-formal education.

From this organization, we hope to provide basic computer education and skills to poor and underprivileged students and develop a community of computer literate students.




Spreading Digital Literacy in to the underprivilege kids in Nepal

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Aura Ed

Aura Ed

Spreading Digital Literacy in to the underprivilege kids in Nepal

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